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Thingiverse or Printables?

While there are several sites from which you can download stl models for 3D printing. These two seem to have risen atop the crowd.

Thingiverse is the grand daddy of them all, and still does have the most models available. This site was started by MakerBot (when MakerBot was still an independent company.) In 2013, MakerBot was acquired by Stratasys, which still maintains Thingiverse. But I hear more and more about some users becoming disappointed with the lack of updates and other issues with that site.

Printables is maintained by the people who make Prusa Printers. It seems recently, Printables has gained momentum and made more improvements to their site than Thingiverse has. One thing that Printables offers is the ability to import models that someone had published on Thingiverse into the Printables site. As of this writing (Aug 8 2022) it is not possible to import from Printables into Thingiverse.

I believe it is fair to say that even though Prusa printers are more expensive than many other choices, they still seem targeted toward the consumer market. Whereas Stratasys printers seem more targeted to the professional market (with prices reflecting that).

I still visit both sites regularly, but find myself gravitating to Printables more and more lately.

Want to Purchase 3D prints?

We encourage shoppers to use our store here. Do to lower fees, all items purchased here are listed with a 7% discount off of the Etsy pricing. We also offer some items here that are not available on Etsy or Ebay.


For those who’d rather shop on Etsy, you can still visit us at https://zindy3d.etsy.com.

Working on a Classic Car?

Classic Car Restoration: 3D Printing For your Classic Car Part

3D Printing Terminology Page

We have a page that explains some 3D Printing Terminology (i.e.”industry jargon”) you may hear or read. Whether you have just purchased a 3D printer, are thinking about it, or just wanting to buy some items that were 3D printed by others; this page will help give you an overview of some things that are “nice to know”, and will make you a more informed consumer.

About Me

My name is Paul Zerkel, and I started Zindy 3D in 2021. I have worked with technology and in the technology field for most of my career. I have always had the itch to start my own business, but just never was never sure what that would be.

In the spring of 2021, I purchased my first 3D printer. I immediately took a great interest in it, as I discovered I could create not only functional items and tools, but also cute characters and other items for display.

This 3D printing thing gave me the opportunity to work with technology that is still pretty new and exciting, but also to explore the creative juices in me (which my wife doesn’t think I have much of!)

So in August 2021, I decided to start a business focused around 3D printing and related services, such as 3D scanning, and 3D design services.

My intent is to set up at some area fairs and festivals where I will display a working 3D printer and sell some items I have printed, as well as offer items on line, both on this website, and other online resources such as Etsy and E-Bay. I also intend to offer 3D scanning services soon.

This website will be updated as the business evolves. Thank you for visiting.

A few samples of things I have 3D printed.

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