Why Ammo Boxes?

Why do we sell ammo boxes?

I am often asked “why do you print and sell ammo boxes?” So I thought I would try to answer that question here.

Like so many other makers, about the same time I purchased my first 3D printer, I discovered Thingiverse. And then I started to wonder what I should print. So I reached out to friends and family and told them about Thingiverse, and to search for a few things they would like, and I would try to print it for tem.

Well, my brother-in-law is an avid shooter, and reloads some of his own ammo, as well as purchases some bulk ammo to save a few dollars. He discovered a few ammo boxes and asked me to create them for him.

So I did. I printed three boxes (9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP). I also learned that using Tinkercad, I could adorn the lid.

The brother in law was happy with them and continues to use them.

The designer of the pistol and rifle boxes is EvolvingExtrusions.

The designer of the shotgun shell holders is Scott Doucet (thedohickey).

Licensing for all items is Creative Commons Attribution.

Battlebox 22LR (Holds 100 rounds of 22LR)

This is a larger ammo box for 22LR ammunition. It holds 100 rounds, and will not disintegrate when it gets wet like a cardboard box will. It has a sliding lid, so you can dump five at a time, or pick single bullets up if you open it all the way.

Ammo Box for 40 S&W (Smith & Wesson) ammunition Holds 50 rounds. Has a sliding lid. You can open it partially and drop five at a time, or all the way and pick up bullets individually.

This is a smaller ammo box for 22LR. It holds 50 rounds, and easily fits in a pocket. Has a sliding lid.

9 mm Ammo Box. Holds 50 rounds. Sliding Lid.

Choice of pink or dark grey lid.

Really needs no explanation. Holds 50 rounds of 9 mm ammo.